Everyday life confronts us with perplexing choices, and we do seek tools to make our lives a little better, a bit simpler, and less confusing. Such tools prevent us from making ourselves the victims of the misconceived notions of own dilemmas. With this aim, we provide well-thought-out scientific tools to address the issues head-on and to take you through this exciting journey to clear the haze.

While the information on the subject is widely available, access to the right substance is a challenge. Our contents are apt and concise; elaborations stick to the essence. The presentation offers an overview of topics and houses links to external sources; the handbook contains a description of themes. Both complement each other.

We believe that every person has one’s own story to relate to, and the ideas are best understood by connecting to personal experiences. An interactive group facilitates a better understanding of human nature. Users, wherever possible, may consider forming a small group to discuss the ideas and share their experiences to derive maximum benefits.